Abortion Doula Training

The CDP’s abortion doula training is two full days of lecture and experiential learning. We cover the medical basics of abortion procedures, disparities in abortion care for people of color and queer and trans people, emotional labor and self care for doulas, and physical and emotional support techniques.

Our training is explicitly queer and trans affirming. We use gender neutral terms for body parts, pregnancy, and parenting experiences. If you’re unfamiliar with speaking about pregnancy and bodies in this way, don’t worry! We devote a portion of the training to a beginner-level presentation on LGBQ and Trans 101 for Reproductive Health.

Read coverage from VICE of our 2017 Abortion Doula Training here

What Did Past Participants Have To Say?

“I think this training was so valuable and the space was safe and inviting.”

“This curriculum was so well thought out and I found the outline to be so expansive and effective.”

“Confronting my own biases was useful. I hadn’t honestly considered that people seeking abortions may have very different values from my own, especially in regard to religion.”

“I so appreciate the inclusivity and compassion — what an amazing weekend.”

“I feel I am a better informed person after this weekend. I feel I am part of a movement.”